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  • Distribution Transforms all types & rating.
  • Power Transformers all type & rating.
  • NER
  • Low, Medium and High voltage switchgear.
  • DC system (Batteries, batteries charger)
  • LV. MV, HV, Pilot, Control, Fiber Optic Flexible & Special Cables.
  • Joints & termination for all types of cables.
  • Complete materials of over headlines for Steel Tower & Wooden Pole.
  • Earthlings materials Thermo weld joints, Earth rods, Copper tapes, Copper wires, Lighting arrestors etc.
  • Brass & PVC cable glands.
  • PVC & stainless steel cable ties.
  • Cable marker, Route markers, warning tapes & PVC cable tiles.
  • Copper & bimetallic lugs.
  • Cable trays, Cable ladder, Trunking & Conduits.
  • Scada & system equipment for Water & Electricity.
  • Cable Pulling Winch and accessories.
  • Special Tools and Tackles.
  • Spare items and spare parts of the above items.

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